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This site has been developed with input and support from our partners, (The TOGA Group Partnership) and IT Recruitment Consultants to be a Free to Advertise Internet Job site for employers to advertise their UK IT jobs and job seekers to find a UK IT Job.


  • Free Advertising: We offer Free advertising on our job listing pages to all employment agencies - contact us for more details or sign up for your user name and password from the client pages or click HERE
  • Advertisers: We also add your details to our membership search pages for FREE with your job/market profiles email and website links and if you have one a banner up to 468 x 60 pixels.
  • Charges: Advertising is FREE to employment agencies and direct employers. Unsuitable applications will be removed and membership cancelled.
  • Terms: See our general Terms for placing advertising and the disclaimer go HERE
  • Level Playing Field: The search engine is designed to find the most relevant advert first followed by date of submission so the most relevant job followed by the most recently submitted is shown first. No one else's advert will appear before yours, we do not allow, unlike our competition to let advertisers place their adverts higher in the listings just because they have paid more. So to keep your adverts on top just submit them on a regular basis. Beware of Spam repeating keywords will not move your advert up the listings and we may remove it if we think an attempt has been made to unfairly monopolise the job listings.
  • Easy Search: The search facilities have been placed on the front page making it easier for the job seeker to search the site rapidly for New positions. Job seekers remember to make this site a favorite and come back regularly to search for new submissions. Jobs are updated regularly.
  • Contacting us: The best way to contact us at this time is by e-mail:
  • Business Partners: We always welcome contacts from similar organisation's such as ourselves who are interested in forming partnerships, link exchanges etc. LINKS Sorry links pages are now closed for new submissions.
  • Site Construction: We will continually develop the site adding new features and information to Advertisers and Candidates. We welcome your input if there is anything you would like to see on this site, anything that could be improved, or something you do not like then drop us a note and we will do our best to improve or incorporate your ideas. The replacement site is already under construction adding many of the expected features of a Job listing site and many unique features to us which will make adding jobs to the site even easier. You can also add your ideas for features on the New site using the Notice Board which you can access from either the Client or Candidates pages or e-mail us your ideas direct.
  • New Site: Our replacement site is currently under construction and will offer several advanced features and new services.